Metro Coverage Solution for cellular repeater
From:     Date:2017-02-20     Browse:3547
Comprehensive Solutions to the Coverage for Metro 
  Due to high speed, high density, high punctuality rate and high reliability, metro are favored by people. However, metro have high body loss, high speed, long lines and other characteristics, and have serious network problems of high signal disconnection rate for cellphone users in carriages, poor call quality, reduction in throughput of data traffic and even signal disconnection, so good metro covering can effectively improve user experience and the brand effect of network operators.
  Aiming at the distribution characteristics of metro, the digital base station zoom-out system is used to realize single-cell continuous covering so as to overcome frequent signal switching, save base station resources and reduce networking cost; control the vertical distance between covering antennas and metro, control the hanging height of antennas and choose suitable covering antennas to improve covering effect; to the stations difficult to get electricity, use the remote power supply system to supply power directly through base-station generator rooms from composite optical cables or aluminum wires.