Supermarket Coverage Solution
From:     Date:2017-02-20     Browse:3339
Comprehensive Solutions to the Coverage for Supermarket 
In the future of 3G age, there will be 60%--70% of the traffic occurs indoors. In order to fully absorb the traffic, to enhance the overall performance of the wireless network, and to provide continuous and stable data service so as to obtain the recognition and satisfaction of users toward 3G system, the upgrade and reconstruction of the existing 2G indoor distribution system are strategic necessities for the development of operators’ corporations

Adopt different coverage approaches to suit high-end, medium-end and low-end users; On the basis of that continuous coverage is guaranteed, specially cover the area where high data traffic often occurs; Use wideband component, antennas, and low-loss feeders compatible with 3G system;Try to use the route of the existing 2G coverage system to reduce the difficulty for an upgrade. All these mentioned above are designed to provide stable and reliable speech quality, data and multimedia service.