Coverage for Stadiums
From:     Date:2017-02-18     Browse:1624

Comprehensive Solutions to the Coverage for Stadiums
  Stadiums always reflect the grade and level of a city, and their excellent interior wireless network signals thus play a significant role in enhancing the operator’s public image. But, because most interior signals are blocked by the surrounding buildings and the stadiums themselves, some interior parts usually turn into weak spots where the speech quality and network becomes worse. Additionally,traffic time slots are not distributed evenly there. On weekdays, only working staff use mobile phones. When there are matches or exhibitions, sudden speech traffic congestion often occur.
  Use the indoor distribution system. Antenna allocation and power configuration provide the master signal to ensure enough signal strength in marginal areas. At the same time we must also prevent signal leakage. Allowing for high traffic are often triggered by big events, it is advisable to use the intelligent dispatch system of wireless network resource when there is a high traffic. The system can be easily set to flexibly dispatch channels to compensate the lack of capacity and meet the traffic requirement.