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Vehicle Jamming system
Product Name : Vehicle Jamming system
Model : KT-VIP SOO
Product Category : Jammer
Power supply : AC 110VAC 220V
Frequency : 890-915MHz/935-960MHz1710-1785MHz/1805-1880MHz1850-1910MHz/1930-1990MHz1920-1980MHz/2110~2170MHz
Scenarios : OfficeRailwayScenicIslandHospitalCampus
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·Equipped with an ultra-broadband frequency bands : 450-2500Mhz
·All frequency bands are jammed continuously and simultaneously
·Designed with shockproof case. Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley.
·Device body is no more than 35Kg
·Integrated back-up battery system for continuous silent operation and fast start
·Integrated independent "smart active" cooling system
·System management (activation, control and operation) is carried out via a remote control unit which is installed (in a covert manner) inside the Driver's console unit.Provided with a on/off switch for each separate frequency band.
·Special RF protection shielding design to make sure the passenger and VIP's safety
·Installed in the trunk of the vehicle with a ventilation system to make sure a continuous operation in a small space.
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Vehicle Jamming system
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