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Golden CDMA980 Indoor 850MHz 70dB UMTS GSM CDMA 2G 3G 4G Wireless Repeater Cell Phone Signal Booster for home
Product Name : Golden CDMA980 Indoor 850MHz 70dB UMTS GSM CDMA 2G 3G 4G Wireless Repeater Cell Phone Signal Booster for home
Model : KT-CDMA980
Product Category : Single Band Booster
Power supply : AC 110VAC 220V
Frequency : 824 – 849MHz/869 - 894MHz
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Gereral Introduction of Booster

1.What is the booster?

Cell phone signal booster(also named repeater, amplifier) is a product designed to solve the mobile phone blind signal. As the mobile phone signal is transmitted by electromagnetic waves to establish a communications link, however there are a lot barriers make it is unavailable to get sound signal. When people enter some tall buildings, some places basement malls, restaurants and parking lot, some places of enteretainment such as karaoke sauna and massage, some public place such as subway, tunnel and etc. Where cell phone signals can not reach, now the cell phone signal booster can solve these problems! The entire range of mobile phone signals can be well used; We all will get great convenience and benefit from sound signal.

Our boosters are the perfect solutions for a wireless improvement in the mobile reception!

2.Why need a signal booster?

Will you customers stay comfortable when there is no smooth communication in your shops,restaurants, hotels or clubs?

Will that be frustrating if your clients could not call you through due to weak signals in offices?

Will your life be inflenced if your mobile is always"out-of-service" at home when your friends call you?

3.How to Choose a Suitable Booster?

1>What frequency does your operator(s) support?-(One or multiple)

2>How is the soignal outside?

3>How large an area do you need a quality signal in your building?(It is greatly related to the accessories allocation)
Main features
Installation for Mobile Phone CDMA 980 Signal Booster RF repeater 850mhz:
Step 1 Start by taking your phone up to the roof or other location outside to find where the signal is strongest.
Step 2 Temporarily mount the Outdoor (outside) antenna in that location. You may need to adjust and move the antenna later.
Step 3 Run coaxial cable into the building to a convenient loaction (attic, etc.) where you can also get standard power for the Signal Repeater.
Step 4 Place the Signal Repeater in that location and connect the coaxial cable to the Outdoor Side of the Signal Repeater and the Outdoor antenna.
Step 5 Mount your Indoor (inside) antenna in a productive location. You may need to adjust or move the antenna later. More notes on Indoor antennas and patterns here.
Step 6 Connect coaxial cable between the Indoor antenna and the Signal Repeater output port.
Step 7 Power up the system and check for signal inside the building. If needed, tune system by moving and or pointing the Outdoor and Indoor antennas until they get the most signal possible.
Step 8 Secure all antennas and cables, securely mount the Signal repeater and clean up the installation.
Of course there are still a few more things to consider but in general, this is the basic procedure. For more information, please contact us.
Application Scenarios
The repeater makes the signal stronger in places with poor signal coverage such as:
1) Underground areas: basements, parking lots, tunnels;
2) Other places where cellular signal is shielded by metal or concrete walls: offices, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels;
3) Places distant from the BTS like private houses.

Single Band Repeater With LCD

ModelCDMA 980 850Mhz
Frenquecy Range

UplinK:824~849MHz Downlink:869~894MHz

Power -70~-40dBm/FA
Output Power20dBm
BandwidthWide Band
Ripple in Band≤5dB
Noise Figure @ Max.Gain≤7dB
Power SupplyAC:110~240V; DC:5V 1A
Power Comsumption<3W
Impedance Matching50ohm

Mechanical Specification

RF ConnectorN Female N
CoolingHeatsink Convection Cooling
Dimension 163*108*20(mm)
Installation TypeWall Installation
Environment ConditionsIP40
Operating Temperature-10°C~55°C
Technique supporting for Mobile Phone CDMA 980 Signal Booster RF repeater 850mhz:
1) If still no signal receipt after activated repeater, please check if outdoor antenna point to signal tower or elsewhere have strong signal and check if strength achieve -70DBM.
2) If can not call out, please adjust the direction of outdoor antenna.
3) If strength is not steady, please check if outdoor & indoor antennas are too close. Please ensure the outdoor and indoor antennas have distance of 10 meters at least, with a wall between and not in a same horizontal line.
To use this product to enlarge your signal, the outdoor signal shall be as good as possible. The product will not work well if our outdoor signal is not good or bad.
Noted for Mobile Phone CDMA 980 Signal Booster RF repeater 850mhz:
The distance between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 30 meters
The outdoor Antenna not close to a large antenna, high-voltage lines, transformers, or metal mesh, etc.
The distance between the indoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 40 meters
The indoor antennas do not close to the wall as far as possible in order to increase the coverage area
The indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna are advised to stay away from each other for more than one floor distance to prevent cyclic signal amplification
If lack of communication quality, please change the installation position of the outdoor antenna and adjustment the indicate direction of antenna
It is best to enclose waterproof tape at the junction, and prevent moisture narrow the indoor signal coverage area
Try to straight the cable, do not bend more than 90 degree
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Golden CDMA980 Indoor 850MHz 70dB UMTS GSM CDMA 2G 3G 4G Wireless Repeater Cell Phone Signal Booster for home
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