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UHF Tetra 400MHz Repeater Fiber Optic Signal Amplifier BDA widely used in trunking communication systems
Product Name : UHF Tetra 400MHz Repeater Fiber Optic Signal Amplifier BDA widely used in trunking communication systems
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Product Category : VHF/UHF Repeater
Power supply : AC 110VAC 220VDC-24V
Frequency : UHF 400-470Mhz
Scenarios : StadiumOfficeHighwayRailwayScenicPierIslandOffshoreUrban roadSupermarket MetroRuralSuburbanHospitalCampusMineOilfieldTunnel
Coverage : 3-5km1-5KM
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The TETRA Fiber Optic BDA (Bi-directional Amplifier) is designed to solve problems of weak mobile signal in the place that is far away from the Base station (BS) and has fiber optic cable network underground.
The system consists of two parts: Donor unit and Remote unit. The Donor unit captures the BS signal via direct coupler and closed to BS, then converts it into optic signal and transmits the amplified signal to the Remote unit via fiber optic cable. The Remote unit will reconvert the optic signal into RF signal and provide the signal to the areas where network coverage is inadequate. And the mobile signal is also amplified and retransmitted to the BS via the opposite direction.
FOR is designed for both outdoor and indoor applications and the best suitable applications are for extending the coverage in large buildings (IBS), highways, tunnels and remote villages. FOR can be customized for single and multiple technologies.
Main features

A.The advantages of the repeater are :

  • Low cost compared to a BTS
  • Easy installation and use
  • High reliability

B.Hot Selling 3 Types Tetra/UHF BDA:

  • Tetra BDA Trunk Amplifier System
  • Tetra BDA Band Selective Repeater System
  • Tetra BDA Fiber Optic Repeater System

Application Scenarios

The Kingtone Repeater solution also allows :

  • to extend the signal coverage of a BTS in urban and rural
  • to fill the white areas in rural and mountainous areas
  • to insure coverage of infrastructure such as tunnels, shopping malls,
  • parking garages, office buildings, hangars companies, factories, etc ...





Donor Unit

Remote Unit

Working Frequency

Up link


Down link

420-425 MHZ

Maximum Input power (Non-Destructive)


Transmission Distance


Output Power





Cable access


Gain Adjustment Range

1~31 dB @ step of 1 dB

Voltage Standing wave ratio



Noise figure

<5dB (only for up link)

In-band Ripple


Spurious Emission


With in working band


Out of working band (f>2.5MHz)

9 kHZ~1GHz: <-36dBm/30kHZ

1 Ghz~12.75 GHz: <-30dBm/30kHZ

In-band inter-modulation attenuation

<-40 dBc/30kHZ(measured under rated output power)

System delay

<5 sec


Phase Distortion across bandwidth

<6.1o (RMS) and <24.5o (Peak)

Error vector magnitude (EVM)


I/O Impedance


RF connector

N-type (female)/Changeable/bottom of casing

Fiber Optic Light source

Laser unit (Wave length: 1310nm/1550nm)

Optical output power

>0dBm (1310nm)/>3dBm (1550nm)

Optical Receiver sensitivity


Temperature Range

Operation: 25oC ~+55oC/Storage: 30oC~+60oC

Relative Humidity Range

<95% (non-condensing)

Relative supply (customized)

DC+24V/AC 220V+15% or AC 110V+15%, 50Hz

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UHF Tetra 400MHz Repeater Fiber Optic Signal Amplifier BDA widely used in trunking communication systems
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