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5W 37dBm BTS-Coupled Tetra UHF Fiber Optical Repeater
Product Name : 5W 37dBm BTS-Coupled Tetra UHF Fiber Optical Repeater
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Product Category : Tetra 400Mhz Repeater
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skype : tetra repeater ; tetra uhf repeater ; tetra uhf fiber optic repeater ; tetra fiber optical repeater
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-Kingtone Fiber Optic Repeaters system is designed to solve problems of weak mobile signal, which is much cheaper than setup a new Base Station (BTS).

-Main operation of RF Repeaters system:

For the down link, signals from BTS is fed to Master Unit(MU), the MU then convert RF signal to laser signal then feed to fiber to transmit to Remote Unit(RU). RU then convert laser signal to RF signal, and use Power Amplifier to amplify to high power to IBS or coverage antenna.

For the up link, Is a reverse process, signals from user mobile is fed to MU’s MS port. Via duplexer, the signal is amplified by low noise amplifier to improve signal strength. Then the signals is fed to RF fiber optical module then converted to laser signals, then the laser signal is transmit to MU, the laser signal from RU is convert to RF signal by RF optical transceiver. Then the RF signals are amplified to more strength signals fed to BTS.

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5W 37dBm BTS-Coupled Tetra UHF Fiber Optical Repeater
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