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Long distance wcdma 3g 2100mhz mobile signal amplifier full band booster
Product Name : Long distance wcdma 3g 2100mhz mobile signal amplifier full band booster
Model : KT-TW17
Product Category : Single Band Booster
Power supply : 
Frequency : 885-909MHz/930-960MHz890-915MHz/935-960MHz1710-1785MHz/1805-1880MHz1850-1910MHz/1930-1990MHz1920-1980MHz/2110~2170MHz806 – 821MHz/851 - 866MHz
Scenarios : StadiumOfficeHighwayRailwayScenicPierIslandOffshoreUrban roadSupermarket MetroRuralSuburbanHospitalCampus
Coverage : 500sqm1000sqm5000sqm1-3km3-5km
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Cell phone becomes especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In case of emergency a timely call can save somebody’s life.

Unfortunately, there are still some places where one can find themselves “out of coverage”. Usually those places are either too far from the cell phone base station or located inside underground constructions
For example: •Parking lots, tunnels
•Big stores, office buildings
•Cars, boats etc.
•House in remote areas etc
Main features
A. High-gain linear power amplifier
B . ALC and AGC function technology ,
C. Ultra-low noise receive amplifier
D. There is no interference to the base station
E. Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design .
F. The base station dose not cause an increase in background noise ,but will not
lead to a decline in the quality of the base station communications
G. With full-duplex communication mode .
H. dispel the heat effective reasonable ,the structure is pretty ,the volume is suitable .
Application Scenarios
ency range

Uplink:890~915MHz 1920~1980MHz 1710~1785MHz
Downlink:935-960MHz 2110~2170MHz 1805~1880MHz

Gain ( dB)Uplink Gp≥60db Downlink Gp≥65db
Export power (Po) ≥17dBm
Pass band ripple≤3dB
I/O impedance50Ω/N connector
Noise figure≤4dB
Transmission Delay≤0.5μ s
Ambient temperature-10℃~60℃
Power supply AC110V-240V 45~55Hz
Size210 x160 x 20mm
Reliability To the GB6993-86 standard


To the ETS300 694-4 standard

a) Power supply LED denote
b) Export power LED denote

coverage area200-500sqm
12 months warrnty
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Long distance wcdma 3g 2100mhz mobile signal amplifier full band booster
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