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17-24dbm gsm 900mhz telecom mobile signal indoor booster
Product Name : 17-24dbm gsm 900mhz telecom mobile signal indoor booster
Model : KT-9102A-B-C
Product Category : Single Band Booster
Power supply : AC 110VAC 220VDC -48VDC-24V DV-12V
Frequency : 890-915MHz/935-960MHz
Scenarios : StadiumOfficeRailwayScenicPierIslandOffshoreUrban roadSupermarket
Coverage : 500sqm1000sqm>10km1-5KM2000sqm
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17-24dbm gsm 900mhz telecom mobile signal indoor booster

  JIMTOM® GSM900 Pico Repeater provides the most cost-effective solution to improve user experience of high quality GSM access in indoor environment. Equipping innovative plug-and-play enabling technologies, general users are able to easily install by themselves without any professional skill.
 17-24dbm gsm 900mhz telecom mobile signal indoor booster

What will be changed when using this products?

 1 A cheap and immediate solution that would allow them have clear phone calls or higher speed broad band;
 2 No more dropped calls! No more poor reception;
 3 No more running to the windows or going outside to talk on your mobile phone;
 4 Now you can reach everywhere with signal boosters;

 How can repeater bring your mobile phone better signal?
•The outside antenna catches low signal from operator servicer’s base station and delivers it to cell phone rep   eater through the connection cable (coax).
•After the signal is accepted by the mobile repeater, this device amplifies it.
•Then this amplified signal goes through the connection cable (coax) to the inside antenna.
•And after that, the amplified signal transmits to your cell phone.
• Finally, your cell phone will get good signal, never on and ofF
Main features
 Main Features of kingtone cellular repeater     
◇ High linearity PA; High system gain;
◇ Intelligent ALC technology;
◇ Full duplex and high isolation from uplink to downlink;
◇ Automatic Operation convenient operation;
◇ Integrated technique with reliable performance;
◇ Bandwidth can be configured from 5-25MHz in work band.
◇ Local and remote monitoring (optional) with automatic fault alarm &remote control;
◇ Weatherproof design for all-weather installation;
Application Scenarios
    To expand signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak  
or unavailable.
   Outdoor: Airports, Tourism Regions, Golf Courses, Tunnels, Factories, Mining Districts, Villages etc.
   Indoor: Hotels, Exhibition Centers, Basements, Shopping
Malls, Offices, Packing Lots etc.
It is mainly applicable to such case:
    The repeater can find an installation place which can receive pure BTS signal at strong enough level as the Rx Level in repeater site should be more than ‐70dBm;
    And can meet the requirement of antenna isolation to avoid self‐oscillation.




Frequency Range

890~915 MHz

935~960 MHz

Output Power

15±2 dBm

20±2 dBm


65±2 dB

70±3 dB


8 dB

8 dB

VSWR@ min. gain



Max. Input Power Without Damage

-10 dBm

-10 dBm

ATT step of 1dB

1 ~ 10dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

10 ~ 20dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

∣△∣≤1 dB

20 ~ 25dB

∣△∣≤1.5 dB

∣△∣≤1.5 dB

ALC Active 10dB

∣△∣≤2 dB

∣△∣≤2 dB

Out of Band Gain

± 1.5 MHz

45 dB

50 dB

± 5 MHz

30 dB

35 dB

Intermodulation Products


-36 dBm

-45 dBc

Spurious Emission


-36 dBm

-36 dBm


-30 dBm

-30 dBm

Noise Figure @ max. gain

7 dB

7 dB

Time Delay

5 μs

5 μs


ALC not Active


ALC Active 5-10dB


ALC Active 15-20dB


Power Supply

AC220V ±20%, 50Hz ±10%

Power Comsumption

15 W





RF Connector


Environment Conditions



< 90%

Operating Temperature


 Signal Booster Full Sets                                 
    · 1 - Outdoor antenna like YAGI antenna or panel antenna
    · 2 - Indoor Omni ceiling antenna
    · 3 – Power adapter
    · 5 - User manual
    · 6 - Cell phone repeater
    · 7 - 10 meters outdoor cable and 2 meter indoor cable
Warranty time:
1 year warranty for booster 12months for accesories
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17-24dbm gsm 900mhz telecom mobile signal indoor booster
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