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Kingtone ICS Repeater
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Kingtone ICS Repeater
The ICS repeater is an advanced repeater system that automatically cancels the feedback interference between the service and donor antennas by using the digital signal processing technology. The unwanted interference lowers the repeater’s achievable gain which is also common in normal RF repeater.
KIngtone Technology’s ICS repeater is optimized to enhance signal strength and to extend Mobile network coverage, helping operators to save CAPEX when rolling out the nationwide network. The repeater is easy to install, offers high call quality and high gain. The repeaters can be monitored via the user-friendly OMT and OMC software.
KIngtone ICS Repeater FEATURES
Easy installation, high gain
Feedback interference cancelled automatically by the DSP technology,Donor and service antenna could be installed on the same pole
Offers quick and economic rollout of mobile signal network
Remote monitoring via OMT (Operations & Maintenance Terminal) or OMC (Operations & Maintenance Centre)
ICS function to prevent self-oscillation,Enhance gain and coverage range, and reduce isolation requirement between donor antenna and coverage antenna 
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