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The meaning and necessity of installing Cell phone signal repeater
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The meaning and necessity of installing Cell phone signal repeater
Cell phone signal repeater is to eliminate the mobile communication network signal blind area and fill the signal is weak and the design and production of communications equipment.
At present, many developing countries in the mobile network are using a large number of mobile phone signal repeater to improve the network coverage and communication quality.
Then we come to sum up what is the advantage of using cell phone signal repeater
(1) the use of repeater can be a lower cost to expand the wireless coverage of the area, to avoid in order to cover and in some sparsely populated, local remote
Low-traffic areas of investment, thereby saving investment costs, the same coverage area, the cost is greatly reduced, because do not consider the room rental and decoration
, AC and DC power supply, air conditioning, transmission systems and circuit rental costs, mobile phone signal repeater installation, operation and maintenance costs are often only ordinary base stations
Half or even lower.
(2) with flexible coverage, which is another advantage of mobile phone repeater. Theoretically a base station coverage radius and the effect is much better than a repeater
But in special areas, such as remote mountainous areas, canyons or tall buildings block each other's buildings, using single station or cascade coverage, the effect is more obvious.
(3) to improve the utilization rate of existing base station equipment, through the cell phone signal repeater, the individual channel utilization is not high base station cell surplus communication capacity allocation
To a wider area, thus increasing the utilization of the equipment.For the low traffic and weak signal area, a part of the repeater can be used instead of the base station, to avoid the user because
Signal is not good and complaints, but also more reasonable control of the cost.
(4) through the use of cell phone signal repeater, can greatly improve the original signal is weak, the signal is messy, no leading signal area call quality, improve the connection rate, greatly reduce the call rate.
(5) mobile phone signal repeater installation conditions are simple, can quickly expand the signal coverage area, especially the RF signal repeater does not need to transmit and supporting equipment,
No special communication room, easy to install, fast and convenient, in the shortest possible time to produce benefits.
(6) for the location of the difficult residential areas, the use of smaller target repeater system, can solve most of the deep coverage, not easy to cause residents to resist and resist more easily achieve the goal.
Kingtone repeater expert reviews and recommendations
As the main function of the outdoor repeater or the signal dead zone and the signal area filled with strong coverage, under normal circumstances, are used to reduce the signal transmission less 900MHZ band signal repeater.
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