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Home mobile signal booster/ repeater Are applied widely in India in 2017
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  India is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world and the second largest population in the world. It is clear that the development of the mobile media era has driven some mobile-related industries.
   For example: mobile communications services industry, communications equipment industry, communications-assisted electronics industry.
    India has a population of only China in the country, at least have a cell phone now, whether it is voice, social, business, or intelligent. Are linked with the phone can even speak, the phone almost became our life Part of it.
    This is also led to the mobile communications environment of the harsh main factors, mobile phone signals, mobile phone network, often busy state, this is nothing more than the worst thing.
    The problem of mobile communication signals is closely linked to the construction of mobile base stations, and mobile service providers offer such a friendly communication environment, but there are still many shortcomings.
    Some of the remote places or more closed concealed houses, basements, storage rooms, offices, parking lots, subway stations, elevators, etc. These are relatively difficult to cover the area of ​​the signal, then how to solve this problem?
    Because the construction of the base station is a relatively large project, often taking into account the cost of construction and the energy spent, but there is a reason that the base station itself will produce more adverse electromagnetic radiation on the human body.
Mobile signal assisted booster amplifier, we call it a repeater, it can replace the base station function, auxiliary and expansion of the signal. Installation cost is much cheaper than the base station construction, the same can solve the problem of weak signal, whether you
In any place.
There is no doubt that India is a developing country, their demand for mobile phone signal repeater far greater than many developed countries. Family mobile signal repeater in India, the market price varies, the quality of the pros and cons.
In the choice of purchase home mobile signal repeater. Must also choose the best purchase.
 China Kingtone repeater suppliers, set the development, production and service in one of the manufacturers.We set up about 10 years or so, and we produced the majority of mobile signal repeaters sold to India, the Philippines, Dubai, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kenya and South America and other countries.
Our advantage:
 ◇ based on imported components on the basis of Germany, the development of low-noise pre-signal optimizer, to maximize the signal to improve the flexibility to receive, and effectively reduce the noise ratio.
  ◇ signal improvement is obvious, the equipment import rate is high, for the indoor signal is weak can not dial the phone, call quality is poor, voice interruption and other issues.
  ◇ kingtone using exclusive patented technology into the module, the voice band true degree of 90%, and has automatic power control, the base station and the surrounding communications environment impact is almost negligible.
  ◇ signal stability using mature low-noise duplex design, signal coverage area, power output stability. Compatible with WCDMA CDMA GSM LTE and other standard system of any mobile phone, and a professional technical engineers to install guidance.
  ◇ coverage of a multi-module interface, effectively covering the office area of ​​the signal blind spot, to achieve regional coverage.
  ◇ aftermarket and UNPROFOR service: enjoy the service warranty time: 1 year warranty 1 year hardware maintenance.


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