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Signal Loss Terminator - City Center Multifunction Mobile Signal booster
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   In the city center will also encounter weak signal, poor call, cellular data stagnation and other issues, kingtone city center multi-function mobile phone signal booster, to provide users with one-stop solution.
   Due to the development of the information media era, mobile phones gradually become an indispensable standard for users. It can be anytime, anywhere Internet entertainment. Business negotiations. Even artificial intelligence, etc. However, dominate the maximization of the value of the phone, or call and exchange This is the most original function.
1. When you are in a faint area of ​​remote signals, with the joy of waiting for the order and waiting for the customer's phone, but after the signal is weak, the call intermittent, and even affected the order transaction, and caused a business loss.
2. When you are in the city center, the elevator or the underground parking lot and other signals cover the weak special venue. Anxious rushed to an emergency meeting, because the mobile phone network interruption, and important mail access failed, so the boss fired.
  Of course, there are many ways to solve the problem of mobile phone signals, business centers may not consider the issue of mobile phone signals, but for example, underground parking, underground supermarkets, closed elevator, restaurants, home, entertainment and many other places,
Are the signal coverage of the blind area,
These wireless communication is still some weak links, far can not meet the needs of users, frequent indoor mobile phone signal is not good phenomenon, so that can not use the phone.
  Daily mobile signal is a summary of the problems faced
  Signal Blind Zone: After the signal is lost after the receiver receives the sensitivity, resulting in poor phone signal
  Signal weak area: the main signal after the loss is lower than the mobile phone receiver sensitivity, resulting in poor phone signal
  Signal conflict area: mainly high-rise building area wireless signal from multiple communities, and mostly ground, wall of the unstable reflection signal, resulting in frequent switching, a serious impact on the indoor mobile phone signal
  Busy area: the main traffic is large areas, the base station capacity is difficult to meet the communication needs, the user can not access the mobile network normal communication.
   Fundamentally resolved, the city center phone signal is not good, many users have chosen China kingtone phone signal booster.
   China kingtone repeater suppliers, set the development, production and service in one of the manufacturers.We set up about 10 years or so, and we produced the majority of mobile signal boosters sold to India, the Philippines, Dubai, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kenya and South America and other countries.
  <1> Based on the German imported components, the development of low-noise pre-signal optimizer, to maximize the signal to improve the flexibility to receive, and effectively reduce the noise ratio.
  <2> signal improvement is obvious, the device import rate is high, for the indoor signal is weak can not dial the phone, call quality is poor, voice interruption and other issues.
  <3> kingtone uses an exclusive patented technology into the module, 90% of the true frequency of the band, and with automatic power control, the impact of the base station and the surrounding communication environment is almost negligible.
  <4> signal stability using mature low-noise duplex design, signal coverage area, power output stability. Compatible with WCDMA CDMA GSM LTE and other standard system of any mobile phone, and a professional technical engineers to install guidance.
  <5> coverage of a multi-module interface, effectively covering the office area of ​​the signal blind area, to achieve regional coverage.
  <6> Aftermarket and Warranty Service: Enjoy Service Warranty Time: 1 Year Warranty Remarks 1 year hardware maintenance.
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