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Suburban Coverage SOlution
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Comprehensive Solutions to the Coverage for Suburban   
  Suburban are usually weak spots or even blind spots because they are far away from the BS and can be easily influenced by some special geographical positions. Besides, it will cost a lot and take a long time to build a new BS to fulfill the coverage. It is also a kind of waste with such low utilization of the BS. So the application of repeater system then shows its unique advantages when facing such cases.
  In accordance with the wireless network status, it is advisable to apply low-cost Wideband Repeaters to the regions where there are few BSs around and the signals there are relatively pure; apply Channel Selective Repeaters with a strong channel selective ability to the regions where the wireless network is complicated; apply Frequency Shifting Repeater without excitation to the regions where isolation is difficult to be guaranteed, and from which the BS is visible; apply Fiber Optic Repeater to the regions where it is difficult to obtain the signal source. In addition, erect repeaters at proper positions and employ high-gain antennas to realize a good coverage effect, thereby achieving the network optimization within a short period of construction at a low cost.
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